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China welcomes cherry blossom season with dazzling firework display

In Wuhan, China's Hubei Province capital, fireworks, illuminations, and flashing lights are heralding the start of cherry blossom season.

Donghu Moshan Park's colorful celebration is drawing crowds from all across the country, all eager to take in the dramatic springtime show.

"Many high-tech, interactive, and participatory equipment have been included into the experience," adds Zou Hui, a park staffer.

"Children can step on an image of a piano on the floor in the Joy Corridor and hear noises that sound just like those from a piano. We intend to provide guests with a wonderful cherry blossom experience."

Sakura blossoms bloom in late March and early April in China, symbolizing feminine power, strength, and sensuality.

With up to 500,000 trees distributed over the city, Wuhan is the most famous destination in the country for seeing the blossoms.

During the day, festivalgoers can stroll along tree-lined pathways, and at night, they can see interactive light shows. All the while, the lovely aroma of cherry blossoms drifts across the evening breeze.


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